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Rebar Coupler

Core Coating

The all type Core Cutting Service is a purposely designed coring saw.The saw is designed in such a way that it combines efficiency, safety and a special layout to avoid any induced core damage when processing the core. The service includes a qualified operator with experience in handling and processing cores. The saw is self-contained inside a steel box to maximize safety for the operator and personnel in the surrounding area. The blade is mounted on a rigid frame and the power is transmitted by means of a fully contained drive belt. The belt drive avoids vibration being transmitted to the core. Thanks to its powerful air driven motor and specialty blade, the saw is able to cut any type of disposable inner tubes.

Roller guides ensure the alignment of the inner barrel with Corpro’s Lay-Down Cradle, which further reduces the risk of induced stress fractures in the core. When cut, the core securely rests on rollers positioned at the same height as the cradle and thus prevents any damage from falling on to the rig deck