Total Waterproofing Solution for new and old Structure...


SBR Super latex

SK Super Latex is versatile acrylic co-polymer additive specially formulated for use With Cement system. SK Super Latex is milky white in color nontoxic and compatible with all type of hydraulic jelly cement.

Water repellent coating:

  • To prevent dampening of walls due to rain.
  • To prevent leakages from brick, stone or concrete walls.
  • To stop the ageing process of buildings.
  • To stop growth of algae, fungus etc. on wails.
  • Waterproofing of textured coatings and decorative finishes.

Fiber Net:

  • External Thermo insulation composite system & External Insulating Finish System
  • External & Internal Plaster Reinforcement.
  • Marble Slab Reinforcement.
  • Roof Waterproofing
  • Reinforce Lightweight Construction Boards.
  • For Water proofing Coating Reinforcement of Roof Slabs.

PU Packers

Concrete Injection Packer Model

  • 13mm X 80mm
  • 13mm X 100mm
  • 13mm X 150mm
  • 13mm X 200mm
  • 13mm X 250mm


  • Injection of grouting material into the rock massive is performed by grouting pumps.
  • Usually piston type pumps with electric or pneumatic drive are used. There are one component and two component pumps . Grouting elements are used during the injection of the grouting material into the rock mass. These are technically designed to transfer the pressure of the grouting material, preventing back flow of the material out from the borehole. They are usually equipped with a back valve.